Common Programming Tasks

1. Read/Write files

2. Database CRUD operations using SQL/PL SQL or using ORM tools

3. Authentication/Authorization – verify sign-in credentials and restrict resource access based on role.

4. Generate graphs/charts using tools like HighCharts, JFreeChart and others.

5. Display Search Result – search and display records in sortable table with pagination e.g. TableSorter

6. UML modelling and code generation using tools like StarUMLEnterprise Architecture Tools

7. Submit form data or Update parts of a web page without reloading the whole page using Ajax Frameworks

8. Client-side data validation using JavaScript frameworks and server-side data validation using Java based frameworks.

9. Encrypt/Decrypt data using Jasypt, Java Encryption Library

10. Write unit test case using testing tools and generate test coverage report using coverage tools.

11. File upload/download in web application using FileUpload.

12. Create web service request and response using web service tools.

13. Troubleshooting memory leaks and performance issues using open source tools, JProfiler, Memory Analyzer, jHAT

14. Compile and package source code using build tools.

15. Fix code violations reported by code analyzer tools


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