Welcome Art in Public Buildings (AIPB)

What is Art? This image beautifully answers that question. Art types like Photograph, Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture are considered to decorate public buildings, other types of Arts should be promoted through Cultural & Art Festival (CAFe). Quick look at workspace art.

Public Buildings include schools, hospitals, library, bus\train stations, court & police station, and other buildings.

How it works:

  • Govt should create Public Buildings Service – Art Division (PB-SAD). Public buildings are Sad because we ignored them for many decades. PB-SAD responsibility is to find beautiful Artworks for public buildings.
  • Artist (no age limit) should upload upto 4 artwork pictures at arts.mygov.in with details like name, district or constituency, pincode, verified phone no and\or email Id. Artist information should be visible only to PB-SAD members.
  • PB-SAD team shortlists artwork each month from the uploaded images and CAFe.
  • Artist should send the shortlisted artwork to nearest PB-SAD office and update selling price on website arts.mygov.in. Artist should buy insurance if selling price is above 2160.
  • Selected artists are rewarded 24 per day per artwork for a maximum of 90 days i.e 2160 per artwork. Artist may earn up to 8640 per quarter (4 artworks). Rewards not applicable if previous year taxable income is 24000 plus OR artwork sold within 90 days.
  • Shortlisted artworks are used to decorate public buildings on a rotational-basis i.e. artworks will be moved to new buildings, districts or taluks bi-weekly during weekends.
  • Shortlisted images are visible to public, anyone can buy the artwork online or in office during weekdays. No-return and Non-refundable policy.
  • Unsold items should be returned to owners after 90 days. Damages are common while shipping, PB-SAD not responsible for any damages to artworks. Artist should be paid 24 per artwork for 90 days even if the artwork is damaged or stolen.
  • State Govt should shortlist equal no. of artworks from each Districts and Central Govt should shortlist equal no. of artworks from each consitituency.
  • State & Central Govt should announce best artwork from each taluk & constituency with prize 24000 during CAFe program.
  • Govt may increase fee by 5 on services to recover the expenses.

AIPB Benefits

  • It encourages new artist and helps unemployed multi-talented people
  • It brings new life to old buildings and improves workplace atmosphere
  • It makes office visitors happier, kids creative at schools; brings smile\hope to patients visiting hospitals.
  • It may create few hundreds of jobs in each state.
  • Increased demand for Art teachers in schools
  • It engages home-makers with art skills to decorate the spaces that serve society.

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