🌄 Tell Me A Story – Movie Script

Ria: Daddy, Tell me a story.

I was able to quickly imagine and narrate a story on bear, wolves etc. After the story was over, her response was Tell me another story 😀 I wrote 14 blogs in 2018, got 25 likes, 4 comments and 1611 views. That’s an motivation to write a story (movie script) to promote my blogs and do good for the society.

I hope Ria reads this story when she grows up and loves it. I do hope some directors\producer\writer comes forward to make a movie on it. First time, I am writing a script so not focussed on perfection!

Dedicated to my family and daughter Ria.

Enjoy the script with sample videos. Watch the before you continue to read the script.

Characters – X, Y, Home Minister (HM), Home Minister Wife(W1), HM Daughter (Andria), Commissioner Of Police (CP), CP Wife (W2), CP Son(Arav), College Friends(5), Forest Smugglers (FS), 2-teams of secret service agents (SSA-1 and SSA-2), Chief Minister (CM), 50 Grade1-5 Students (Stu)

Coffee With Character – introducing movie characters with coffee sequentially. (5min)

Movie starts with a coffee Ads on big screen, (after 2min) camera slowly zooms out to show Mr.X was watching that ad in TV (in lobby), waiting to meet one of the director (Mr.Y) in TMAS company.

Mr.X: (knock knock, slowly opens the door) walks into the room with a laptop. Good Morning Mr.Y

Mr.Y: Good morning, Thanks for coming in. Please, have a seat.

Mr.Y: would you like to have coffee or tea?

Mr.X: yes, Nescafe.

Mr.Y: (over the phone) Ramanna, bring two cup of coffee.

Coffee With Home Minister (5min)

Enjoy 2-minutes of beautiful nature, rainy season. Watch this clip of Morning rain sound.

W1: brings two cups of coffee to Home Minister.

HM: was reading ‘Friday Cinema’ annexure newspaper.

W1: stop starring at those models, here is your news paper. W1 & HM swaps new paper 🙂

HM: reads the headline “New Commissioner of Police- Bangalore City”. Reads the complete article while sipping the coffee.

W1: whats the matter? you seems to be happy.

HM: (referring to news headline) he is my old friend, relocating to Bangalore. Arav was 5 year old when we last met them.

W1: When are they relocating? we can invite them for dinner.

HM: Sounds good. Where is Anna (Andria)?

W1: her 9am is your 6am, she’ll wake up in an hour or so.

( Forest ABC + Forest Smuggling Deal+ Rabbit chasing scene) 5 minutes

Old man: brings two cups of coffee, keeps it on table. Camera highlights the news paper headline ‘New commissioner of policy, Bangalore’

FS Boss – where’s cheetah?

Enjoy 3-minutes of Rabbit chase in forest

Rabbit chasing and missed scene

(Some conversation between FS Boss and the dealer)

Cheetah: Boss, I missed the rabbit

FS Boss: Gives a Scarry look, says Ups and downs are common in this business. I excuse you this time, make sure nothing escapes from us next time.

Dealer: (smiles) you correctly understood my visit. Keeps the empty coffee cup on table and walks out.


(Restaurant scene: robot service )

Robot serves coffee to 5 friends. They were watching the news – school students participate in silent parade with placards to demand answer from elected Ministers or CM for 3rd year in a row. They’re ignored by Ministers and media for many years.


  • When India will become a developed country?
  • When all graduates get a job?
  • Clean Air: what are the strict measures taken for clean air?
  • Other questions

News Break : watch this coffee ad

At the end of ad, camera man takes us to secret service office.


(secret service office scene)

SSA1 and SSA2: takes the coffee cups from coffee machines

Both gets a call and they were asked to go on secret operations.


(Dinner Invite- meet and greet )-5 to 10 minutes

Arav– I completed engineering, working on my hobbies – photography and camping.

Priya– I’m doing medical 2nd year. Dance and paintings are my hobbies

Arav– shares his recent camping experience and his plan for next camping at Forest ABC.

Priya’s Parents: don’t go there!

Arav: nice sunset paintings.

Priya: thanks

Arav: I see many sunset paintings but no sunrise. Why?

Priya: hmm I don’t remember when was the last time I saw the sunrise.

(Both laughs)


(Cultural Function – Priya dance performance, CP and his family was invited.)

CP – (on stage) gave 1 minute speech on safety and security in the city.

Priyadance performance (3minutes)

Arav– busy with camera, taking pictures at the function.


(Friendship time – Priya & Arav) – 15minutes

Meets at Earth Day Event

Meets at ‘Donate Blood Drive’ and then Flavorsome lunch at restaurants.

Arts in Public Building Contest TV ads.

Arav: shares his plan to go camping at Place XYZ. Are you interested in?


Morning Rain : https://youtu.be/yQ3qCbgrlYg

Rabbit chasing

Dance Performance

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