Protect What Our Traditionalist Invented: CURL

Protect what our traditionalist or silent generation (1945 and before) invented: ‘CURL’ – Castes, Unity In Diversity (UID), Religions & Rituals and Languages & Lipi (letters, symbols). It’s our responsibility to protect and pass them to future generation types (Z, iGen, Alpha). They also invented many superstitions, allow such superstitious beliefs to vanish if they tend to risk our future. All CRL’s coexisted and grown under the umbrella of UID before the Independence i.e. without government involvement.

Promote and Protect whatever CRL you believe, through inheritance and by respecting other CRL inventions, not through brainwash, forceful or money-based conversion. It’s the values or the beliefs that matters for the existence of CRL not the size i.e. number of followers, supporters or devotees. Minority & Majority (M&M) both are equally important and valued in CURL. Unfortunately, there are ‘Few’ sick minds in both M&M’s trying to suppress or surpass each other by disrupting the peace and UID. It’s always a battle between All vs Few, in the end ‘Few’ wins because ‘All’ not united or comprised of self-centered people. We should stop provoking or encouraging Govt to favor one or more CRL’s. We should never encourage politicizing CURL issues. In fact, we don’t need Govt or Laws to protect our CURL.

Any CURL related issues e.g. Triple-Talak and Sabarimala issues must be handled in 3-steps to avoid protest and violence by public. CURL defined and practiced by millions or billions of people hence people’s wisdom is superior than 543 MPs and Supreme Court judges. How do we solve CURL issues?

First, Govt should facilitate a digital Survey Cum Voting to decide whether the change in practice is required. Survey participants should be limited to affected religion or castes. If survey result demands change in practice, then the next step is to discuss the issue in Supreme Court. Supreme Court to recommend Govt to introduce change by amending the Constitution. This brings fairness in resolving CRL issues.

Post Independence, we got few more things to protect. First, India’s map which looks different on different websites compare to map on Rs.2 coin, see my blog logo. Second, India’s border from neighbour countries. Third, people and properties from terrorist and criminals. Fourth, health from air & water pollution. Finally, jobs from automation and growing population. We’ll leave these big things to bureaucrats and elected Govt.

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